SteamFeed: Inside a Growing Social Media Publishing Startup


If you are a blogger, or planning to start a blog as a business, you are going to love today’s interview. We are talking to DJ Thistle, Daniel Hebert, and Gerry Michaels who launched and operate SteamFeed. SteamFeed is a multi author site that focuses on “marketing, social media and truth”. But there is more, […]

Rand Fishkin – On Succeeding in an Difficult Industry


Today we are lucky to have an interview with Rand Fishkin, founder and CEO of MOZ. He is also a founding member of Rand operates in the inbound marketing industry, which has a strong focus on search engine optimization. As you all know, this is a very difficult and opaque industry to work in. However, […]

Chris Brogan – On Constant Personal Reinvention

chris brogan

Today we have a great interview with Chris Brogan. Chris and I used to work at the same company (bcgi, now XIUS) about a decade ago. At the time we were working together, he was a Sr. Project Manager with what looked like an interesting career in technology ahead of him. However, soon after I […]

Cate Costa – On Being a World Traveling Entrepreneur

Cate Costa

Today we have a very interesting interview with Cate Costa. Most people dream about travelling the world and experiencing new cultures. However, few actually do it due to family and business responsibilities. Cate’s story is very unique because she has found a way to run two businesses, all while travelling the world and changing countries every month […]

Martin Zwilling – On Becoming an Angel Investor

martin zwilling

If you are interested in becoming an Angel Investor, you are going to love this interview. Today we interview Martin Zwilling, a well known angel investor and adviser to startups. He’ll be talking with us about what is takes to become an Angel Investor. [Marco] Martin, thank you for taking the time to do this […]

Becky McCray – On Small Business Survival

Becky McCray

Today we interview Becky McCray. I have known Becky since 2006 and she has always impressed me as an articulate and outspoken rural entrepreneur. She is also a sought after speaker, published author, but above all – a well known and die hard small business survivalist. [Marco] Hi Becky. Thank you for taking the time to […]