How to Double Your Productivity

Here is a simple time-management/process-improvement trick that can produce amazing results. At the start of every day, create a list of every task that you have to do. Be sure to include strategic and critical items in your list, but also add the regular stuff. Then ask yourself, “If I could do only two things on this list and nothing else today – which items would I do? Which two are the most important?”

Select the two items and do those first. Everything else can wait.

I started using this trick a few weeks ago and saw amazing results. I accomplished more important and strategic tasks in the first week I used this simple method than in the prior two weeks combined. I was also able to work fewer hours. In my case, I am pretty certain that my productivity doubled.

It is such a simple trick, and yet it is so effective.

Why does it work?

Most of us have pretty busy careers full of constant distractions that demand our attention. Things like needless emails, social media, news, and busywork can eat our time and provide little, if anything, in return. At the end of the day we feel as if we’ve had a busy day and are tired, but we’ve had little productivity. This described me and probably most business owners out there.

This little trick changes your focus and helps you stay on track with the important stuff. It also makes you push unimportant stuff into the future, where you can do it if and when you have the time.

Don’t take my word for it. Try it for yourself and see if it works for you. By the way, this trick works particularly well if you combine it with task clustering.