Is Buying an Existing Business Better Than Starting One?

Would-be entrepreneurs are divided into two camps. Some entrepreneurs opt to go the startup route and start a business from scratch. They look at the fanfare and prestige associated with founders that run companies with sky-high valuations. On the other side, some entrepreneurs prefer buying existing companies and growing them. There is less fanfare with […]

Offering Net-30 Terms? Will Your Client Pay on Time?

One of the many challenges that small business owners face is having to offer net-30 to net-60 payment terms to clients. While offering net-30 terms can help you increase sales, it also exposes your business to credit risk. Basically, your company could run into cash flow problems if your client pays late, or worse, doesn’t pay […]

Laid off? How Starting a Business Can Help You Land a New Job

Losing your job can be very stressful and challenging, especially if the job loss came as a surprise. Obviously, you have to deal with the psychological impact of being laid off and with the loss of income. And then there is the subject of trying to get a new job. The search for a new […]

Home-Based Businesses – Broken Down by Industry

Some weeks ago I was researching data on home-based businesses and came by a publication from the SBA that had some interesting information. It showed the percentage of home-based businesses in a number of industries. This was pretty interesting because most people imagine home business owners to be self-employed individuals who work in a handful of service industries […]