What are the Requirements of a Business Acquisition Loan?

In my previous article about financing a business acquisition, I discussed six ways that you could finance a business purchase. In the article, I mentioned that a common way to finance the purchase of a business is to get an acquisition loan through the Small Business Administration (SBA). SBA-guaranteed loans are offered by banks in […]

Financing a Business Purchase

When most folks think about becoming an entrepreneur, they often think about starting a company. That is certainly one way to become an entrepreneur. However, another way to become an entrepreneur is to acquire an operating business. This method has some advantages over starting a business from scratch. If you perform your due diligence correctly, […]

How to Finance Walmart Vendor Contracts

Becoming a Walmart vendor and winning an order can be a great thing for any business owner. Walmart is one of the biggest companies in the world and is known for placing large orders. If serviced strategically, Walmart is the type of client that can really help your business grow to new levels. However, large orders […]

Invoice Factoring vs. Line of Credit vs. ABL

Getting business financing can be confusing for business owners. There are a number of different products, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. With this array of bewildering options, how do you decide which product is the right one for your company? In this article, we consider three products that help companies solve cash flow problems. The products are business […]

Eight Growth Hacking Tools for Your Startup

Every successful startup (or large business for that matter) is doing growth hacking. They may call it that, or they may call it something different. But one thing is certain – they are doing it. That is one of the reasons why they are successful. The only rule of growth hacking In growth hacking, there is […]

More Startup Lessons from My Daughter’s Lemonade Stand

A couple of summers ago, my daughter launched a lemonade stand “startup.” I wrote about some of the business lessons from her lemonade stand venture in a previous post. Apparently, she liked the concept of earning more money for the summer. More importantly, she later told me that she liked our rule that “if she earned it, […]

How Much Money Should Your Business Keep in Reserve?

One of the most important things that long-standing, successful businesses have in common is a cash reserve. A cash reserve can help you pay employees and suppliers during hard times. It can help keep things moving if clients start paying slowly. It can help your business take on new growth opportunities. And it helps your business […]

Invoice Factoring for Startups and Small Businesses

Getting the right type of financing is critical for the success of any startup or small business. Making the right choice is important because the future of your company depends on it. Unfortunately, small business owners often have little time to research all their alternatives properly. They are forced to make a decision quickly. I can help you with […]

Best Ways to Prepare Your Business for a Recession

As the saying goes in lending circles, the best time to borrow money is when you don’t need it – when things are going well. There is an element of truth to this adage. The same goes for business planning. The best time to prepare for a recession is when things are going well. This strategy allows […]

How I Found my First Customers and Grew my Company

About ten years ago, I launched my company and was full of hope it would grow quickly. Like many founders, I had carefully planned everything – to the dot. I had the spreadsheets and the business models to prove it! As a cautious person, I launched the company in stealth mode while I was still working at […]