Marco Terry – Biography

I am an entrepreneur, finance expert, and investor who is fully devoted to optimizing business models. My career started in the mid 90’s (yes, I am a card-carrying member of Generation X) in Boston. Like many folks in the area, I worked for a technology company. My first job was at a startup that had developed a special relational database system that was optimized to handle scientific and engineering data. Through the job, I worked on projects for NASA, Lockheed Martin, and many other well-known companies. That job eventually transitioned to a job in telecommunications, first on the technical side of things and later in the marketing and product management side of the business.

During this time, I never lost sight of my dream to be an entrepreneur. After 1.5 failed attempts, I finally got it right when I started Commercial Capital LLC. As I learned new things, mostly through trial and error, the company grew and eventually Canada and Australia. We recently launched a subsidiary that specializes in financing small business acquisitions. The best way to contact me is via LinkedIn.

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